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Offshore Company Formation

Internet Incorporate offers you company formation serivices in more than 20 jurisdictions around the world.

We provide you with a personal approach, total confidentiality, and optimum solutions for each activity. We undertake the company formation process from day one so that you don't have to worry about the details and concentrate on you business.

In most cases our clients use the following types of offshore companies in order to structure international business companies:

  • Low or zero tax offshore companies
  • LLC or Limited Liability companies
  • Onshore companies in tax advantageous jurisdictions

If you are not sure about which type of company is the most suitable for your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to help you determine the most advantageous option for your business.

Based on the unique requirements of each client we propose the most suitable and optimum solution. Our experience in company formation services indicates that the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cyprus, and Belize are the most preferable offshore jurisdictions for company formation amongst our clients.

Why Form Your Company Offshore?

Offshore companies are often preferred by our clients for trading, investment and financing purposes, royalty and copyright holding and personal and corporate tax planning purposes. Offshore companies offer our clients the possibility to reduce tax, protect their assets, reduce costs and maintain their privacy. Moreover, offshore company formation offers a wide range of advantages such as:

  • Low or zero taxation
  • Privacy
  • Low incorporation and maintenance costs
  • Banking privacy

Our company formation packages include a complete set of all the necessary documentation to start your business and open a corporate bank account. We offer competitive prices, multilingual staff, full confidentiality, and support from day one.

Our team has great expertise in company formation services of businesses of various types and structures and we would be happy to discuss with you your business needs.


We offer a full range of Representation Services that go along with International Companies. Our representation services add to the confidentiality of the structure, as well as give efficiency to any structure we design. Our Representation services include the following:

  • Provision of Registered Office Address and Registered Agent
  • Trustee Shareholders in International Business Companies
  • Nominee Directors in International Business Companies
  • Bank Account Signatories
  • Trustees in International Trusts


Accounting & Tax

We offer a full range of Accounting Support and Financial management services, especially in jurisdictions such as Cyprus and Hong Kong, where keeping accounting records is a requirement. Additionally, we offer Accounting services in special structures, such as Financial Companies with strict licensing requirements.

Our team of professional accountants and support staff always perform extraordinarily and always follow International Standards of Accounting and financial management services. They are experts in preparing:

  • Computerized accounting records in multiple currencies
  • Periodic management accounts
  • Cash Flow and Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Statutory Financial Statements
  • Budgets and variance reports against actuals

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