Geographically, Dominica is distinctive in many ways. The country has one of the most rugged landscapes in the Caribbean, covered by a largely unexploited, multi-layered rain forest. It is also among the earth's most rain-drenched lands, and the water runoff forms cascading rivers and natural pools. The island is home to rare species of wildlife and is considered by many as a beautiful, unspoiled tropical preserve. According to a popular West Indian belief, Dominica is the only New World territory that Columbus would still recognize.

Key Corporate Features and Requirements


  • Type of entity: IBC
  • Type of law: Common
  • Shelf Companies Available: Yes
  • Time to establish a new company: 3 days
  • Minimum government fees (excluding taxation): US$150
  • Corporate taxation: Nil (Exempt for 20 Years)
  • Double taxation treaty access: No

Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency: US$
  • Permitted currencies: Any
  • Minimum paid up: US$1
  • Usually authorized capital: US$100,000


  • Minimum number: One
  • Local required:  No
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere


  • Minimum number: One
  • Publicly accessible records: No
  • Location of meetings: Anywhere
  • Company Secretary
  • Required: Optional


  • Requirement to prepare: Yes
  • Audit requirements: No
  • Requirement to file accounts: No
  • Publicly accessible accounts: No


  • Requirement to file annual return: No
  • Change in domicile permitted: Yes

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