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Cyprus Investment Programme
The Cyprus Investment Programme is established on the basis of Section 111A (2) of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2015, based on a Council of Ministers decision dated 19th March 2014. 
The Cyprus government has formulated a programme scheme aimed at high net worth individuals, allowing the successful applicants and their family to apply for naturalization. 

The investment amount is now reduced to €2mn. Read more

Residency by investment
You may obtain a Cyprus residence permit though property investment. Choose from an investment amount that will suit your needs, starting from €150.000 for the slow track option and of €300.000 for the fast track, where you can obtain the permit in just two months! Read more

Work permits in Cyprus for non-EU citizens 
An alternative way to acquire residency in Cyprus is by obtaining a work permit for your own Cyprus company in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. To find our more please click here 

Visitor's Visa
If you are still deciding on which route is the best for you, we may extend your tourist visa into a visitor's visa, with a few simple requirements to give you some time to decide. For more information please  contact us or visit our website

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