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Mauritius Authorized Company In High Demand

Mauritius is the largest financial center in the Indian Ocean region. It is a politically stable jurisdiction with a strong liberal economy and a reputable banking system. Over 4,500 High Net Worth Individuals have relocated their businesses or family to the island.

Traditional offshore jurisdictions, like BVI and Cayman Island, are now facing challenges to reform their tax regimes and implement substance requirements on offshore companies. Consequently, many investors have turned their eyes on Mauritius as one alternative option for their international business.

Since 2019, Mauritius introduces new company regimes and legislation to further develop its competitiveness and transparency as a global financial center and comply with the international standards.

Its pro-business and flexible regulatory framework provide reliability and security for international investors to relocate their business to the island and benefit from its unique company regime – Authorized Company.

Why choose a Mauritius Authorized Company?

First of all, it is “Tax Exempted”. The Authorized Company is deemed as Mauritius Non-resident company for income tax purpose.

Secondly, it is effectively managed and located outside Mauritius. The company can be incorporated remotely, no personal visit is required. After the incorporation, there is no requirement for local director. The company can be managed by foreign investors and directors abroad.

Thirdly, any dividend distribution to a foreign shareholder, income from dividends, interests and royalties will not be subject to tax in Mauritius.

Lastly, it can open a corporate bank account with local banks. Mauritius has many bank options available for both corporate and personal bank account opening. The bank account can also be opened remotely.

How to incorporate an Authorized Company?

An Authorized Company is ideal for investors in international trading, marketing and consultancy services, management services, logistics and assets holding.

There are also some tips you need to know prior to the setting up:
  • The Authorized Company are prohibited to have business activities like banking, financial services, collective investment funds and fiduciary services, etc.
  • It is also required to hire a permanent management agent in Mauritius.
  • The company activities are conducted abroad, and income is from abroad.
  • The majority of shares are held by foreign individuals.
  • Directors and effective management are from abroad.
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