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Hong Kong is one of the leading International Trade and Financial Centres and has one of the simplest and business-friendly tax regimes with no value added or sales taxes, no tax on dividends received and no withholding tax on dividends, interest & managements fees. Moreover, Hong Kong is strategically locates as the perfect getaway to China, offering easy access for corporation and individuals who wish to carry out business in Asia.

The simple tax and sound legal system along with a rapidly expanding Double Tax Treaty network enables Hong Kong to attract international trades towards exploring the opportunities through the incorporation of Hong Kong companies.
A Hong Kong Private Limited Company is one of the most advanced models of business entities as it enjoys the advantages of an offshore company while being a resident company.

Key features:
  • Common Law
  • Disclosure of Shareholder to the Registrar
  • One Director and One Shareholder required (and they can be the same person)
  • Company secretary is required
  • Territorial tax regime which exempts offshore income from tax
  • As HK is a Special Administrative Area of China, it is entirely permissible to conduct business with China without being subject to tax
  • Exempt from capital gains tax, withholding tax and taxes on interest and dividends
  • On OECD white list
  • Favourable DTT network 
  • Wide choice of International Banks
Companies registered in Hong Kong are not taxable provided that no transaction is carried out in Hong Kong. If this is not the case the tax rises to 16.5% on profits made during the year. Hong Kong also required an annual tax return filing.

Hong Kong company uses:
  • As onshore for offshore company thus enabling business in and outside of Hong Kong
  • For trading services and access to China and the rest of Asia
  • For raising capital
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