News / Reasons for doing business in Dubai
Dubai is a white listed jurisdiction that offers business opportunities that exist only in mature industrial and financial hubs. International Businesses moving to the UAE find themselves in a thriving market with excellent infrastructure.

Why do business in Dubai:
  • Rebust, open and competing economy
  • Security and stability
  • Tax efficient business environment
  • Proximity to growth regions
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Multinational human resources
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Efficient government services
  • Future potential for the GCC
What Dubai offers:
  • Dubai is a white listed jurisdiction
  • Secrecy, asset protection and no international exchange of information
  • Tax free environment
  • Excellent network of Double Tax Treaties
  • Ideal as Global Headquarters centre
  • Distinguished and unique lifestyle
  • Talented and diverse labour pool
  • World class logistics and IT infrastructure
  • Strategic location on the trade routes of East and West
Tax Incentives:
  • No Corporation Tax 
  • No Personal Tax
  • 100% Ownership in Free Zones
  • No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
  • No restrictions on repatriation of funds
  • Strong investor incentives and protections
  • Easy access to key decision makers
Types of UAE Entities:
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) 
  • Branch of Foreign Company
  • Free Zone Entity (FZE)
  • Representative Office
  • International Business Company (Offshore)



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