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Why Open An Account With Hermes Bank in Saint Lucia?

Hermes Bank is a relatively new and modern bank. It is an ideal bank for a standard offshore corporate solution.

There are no initial deposits. The fees for opening and maintaining an account are reasonable.

Internet banking is operated with a state-of-the-art technological set up. A secure Digipass provides a 24-hour access from any part in the world.

Hermes Banks open can open accounts in many different currencies, even Chinese Yuan and Rubles. However, it is important to note that the bank does NOT open accounts in USD.

Unlike a lot of banks, you do not need to appear in front of the bank to open an account. And in case you need a corporate debit card that can be facilitated as well.

If for any reason you have questions they have good customer service that usually responds within 24 hours.

About Hermes bank:

Hermes Bank has been established in Saint Lucia in 2012 and has received a banking license of class “A” as a fully regulated financial institution conducting banking business in accordance to internationally recognized principles and standards of banking.

Hermes Bank offers a wide range of services with the latest in security high-end technologies. Hermes bank offers a variety banking services to personal, corporate, and associate clients.  

Bank location: Saint Lucia

General Information and Requirements

Personal Visit requirement:
To open a Hermes bank account the bank does not require a personal visit by the client.

Initial deposit requirement:
To open a Hermes bank account the bank does not require an initial deposit.

Minimum balance:
Hermes Bank does not require a minimum balance.

Online e-banking facility:
Hermes bank offers its clients with 24/7 advanced online banking services using the latest high-end technologies.

Provision of Debit and/or Credit card:
Hermes Bank can provide either a Debit or Credit card, depending on the clients’ needs and requirements.

Accepted bank account currencies:
Hermes Bank accepts to open bank accounts in all major currencies with the exception of US$.

Time required for opening of bank account in Hermes Bank:

The process to open a bank account with Hermes Bank can usually take between 4 to 6 business days upon completion of application form and supply of supporting documents.

Open A Bank Account With Hermes Bank

If you are interested in opening a bank account with Hermes Bank please contact us by using the orange quotation request button below. We will assist you with the preparation and submission of all the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Our team of professionals guarantees a confidential and personal approach to each case. We can provide you with banking support and consultation to find the most optimum solutions for your business and needs. Depending on the nature of your business there may be additional requirements in order to open the bank account such as provision of supporting licenses and/or corporate documents.

We are happy to assist you with everything you need in order to make opening your bank account go as smooth as possible.

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